Home is Everywhere for the Traveler

“Home is where the heart is, but you’ve left pieces of your heart in multiple places.”

I just stumbled across this amazing article on EliteDaily about wanderlust, the insatiable desire to travel, and the human spirit. I couldn’t have put these feelings into words as easily as this writer did, so I feel compelled to share. For those of you who feel content when traveling and for those who don’t understand it, I highly recommend reading the article.


“They find it difficult to stay in any particular place for an extended period of time. It’s not that they’re afraid of settling down, they’re legitimately incapable of remaining static.”

“Indeed, true wanderers can’t help but fall in love with other cultures and peoples. In the process, however, home becomes an elusive notion. It ceases to be a place, and transforms into a feeling.”

“Through travel, you begin to see the world as a unified and dynamic hodgepodge of diverse and beautiful people.”

Social Media in Law Enforcement

It’s so encouraging to see positive police news – lately it seems like the only things broadcast about law enforcement are negative, misconstrued or flat out dishonest. Becoming a public information officer is my passion and I’ll stop at nothing to make sure it becomes my profession. I want to make stories like this one happen for every police and sheriff’s department near and far! Kudos to the Dunwoody Police for continually improving their social media and community outreach – and setting the precedent for other agencies in small communities.


“What I learned from teaching English in North Korea”

Today, I stumbled across a fantastic TED article – not only was it well written (captivating enough to keep even my ADD intrigued), but it made some great points about culture, teaching and values.

As someone with a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, I could relate to the author’s issues with trying to relate specific issues to the culture of the class and having it backfire. However, as this was just an excerpt, I’m curious to know exactly how far this phenomenon progressed. I’m seriously considering buying the book.

If you have five minutes to spare, I highly recommend reading the excerpt here: http://ideas.ted.com/what-i-learned-from-teaching-english-in-north-korea/